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Swiss distributor

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LinKBy Sàrl is a new company ready to assist you in finding the distributor you need in Switzerland for your products.
The Swiss market is a high potential market with its own challenges : multilingualism, regional laws, Non-EU, etc…
Switzerland may appear to be too small to invest time and money in… but too big to be neglected.

You are looking for a distributor

  • Who will develop your products.
  • Who gives priority to your range on the market according to your strategy.
  • Who has the sales force you need.
  • And the most important : That you can trust.

Your advantages

  • An objective knowledge of the Swiss market and the distributors.
  • An honest analysis of the range and the trades represented by your potential partner.
  • A market analysis for your range and of your competitors.
  • Help to target your sales in Switzerland. Follow and adapt this target.
  • Install and adapt your sales and marketing strategy. Regular control of sales and the promotion of your range.
  • Help you to spread information to your distributors and to your clients.

Searching the opportunities on the Swiss market,objective analysis of the potential distributor, organise the first contact, collaborate at your final decision.

Include all the services from option 1 + following until the signature of the contract, helping to set up the sales and marketing strategy for the first three months.

Include all services from option 1 and 2 + Follow the sales and control the setting of your distributor. during the time you decide on the best distributor, we can provide you a temporary selling force on the market.

Additional option

During the time you decide on the best distributor, we can provide you a temporary selling force on the market


LinkBy Sàrl, CH-1728 Rossens
+41 26 411 06 93

Should you have any question, do not hesitate to contact us. It will be our pleasure to discuss with you, how you will launch your business in the Swiss market !